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Curly Girl Collective

Curly Girl Collective, LLC is an experiential marketing group that specializes in unique experiences that connect multicultural women with brands that cater to their unique beauty. Follow Curly Girl Collective on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.



Felicia Leatherwood

Felicia Leatherwood is the world’s leading natural hair celebrity stylist, a designer of natural hair specialized products, an inspirational health and beauty speaker, and a producer of content related to hair and overall wellness. With over 26 years of experience, Felicia conducts hair care workshops for audiences around the globe under the brand and slogan “Loving Your Hair with Natural Care.” The Loving Your Hair workshops evolved in response to the thousands (literally) of questions received from people desperate for answers about their tresses. Felicia’s solutions and work have garnered her the “Hair Whisperer” title, as she is known for miraculously restoring health, beauty and vitality to her clientele’s hair. Read More


Anu Prestonia

Acclaimed beauty-industry innovator Anu Prestonia specializes in Black hair care and helped to popularize artistic natural styling in the United States and abroad. She founded the internationally known Khamit Kinks natural hair-care salon, has mentored many in the industry and has two popular blogs. Anu has a titular line of natural products, was the co-founder of an annual natural hair celebration and is co-producer of an upcoming documentary on the subject. She has served as an expert consultant for several books, been featured many times in magazines and newspapers, on TV and on radio, and is a sought-after stylist for film, print and broadcast media. Read More